Cannabis 101: Basic Cannabis Products

Welcome to your ultimate guide to cannabis products! The cannabis world is quite vast and rapidly expanding, so different people are interested in the plant for all sorts of reasons. Yet, each of us has our circumstances, therefore, the market has evolved to offer different forms of cannabis products so that everyone has one that is convenient for their needs.

This page is like your personal roadmap to guide you through different cannabis products and help you understand them. We will go through the various forms of cannabis products available, and briefly touch on how they work, as well as what makes them different from the rest.

Cannabis Flower: The Heart of it All

The cannabis leaf might be the mascot for the cannabis industry with its iconic, wide, and vibrant flair that’s almost regal, but the flowers are where the fun is.

Cannabis flowers contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). Both of these are the active compounds in cannabis responsible for the plant’s psychoactive and therapeutic effects.

But not all cannabis flowers are the same. This is where we introduce the difference between strains. There are two major strains of Cannabis that produce different effects: Indica strains are known to be relaxing, while the Sativa strain is known to be uplifting. Between those two strains, there are about a thousand (and expanding) hybrids.

Hybrid strains are cultivated to combine indica and sativa effects in different proportions. And that’s not limited to potency or effects; peripheral properties like flavor, taste, aroma, and even appearance can matter a lot to consumers. Therefore, cannabis flowers are cultivated with all that in mind, leading to all the forms of cannabis flowers you can see in the market.

Vapes: Portable and Convenient

Vaporizers and cartridges have revolutionized cannabis consumption. Vapes are small devices with a vaporizer and a battery filled with cannabis oil. The battery powers the vaporizer to heat the oil and release vapors rich in cannabinoids (THC and CBD).

Their small and discrete size makes them convenient and easy to carry around. The lack of combustion in the entire process gives the added benefit of protecting you from the risks of smoking.


Cartridges, on the other hand, are small containers that hold the cannabis oil or extract in the vape. Cartridges are either ready-to-use or refillable.

Ready-to-use cartridges come prefilled with cannabis oil, and you need to swap out one with the other when you exhaust the oil in it with a fresh one. With refillables, you can use the same container multiple times by filling it up with your supply of cannabis oil.

Edibles: Tasty Treats with a Punch

You must have heard of this one. Edibles are food and drinks with cannabis inside. They are a delicious and convenient way to take cannabis, especially compared to the risks associated with smoking a joint.

Edibles are available in so many formats and can be infused in any type of food you can think of, though brownies and gummies are the most popular choices. Edibles are fun and convenient, but there are a few things to keep in mind before picking one up.

To start with, the effects of CBD and THC last way longer when you take your cannabis as an edible than when you smoke it. But it also takes a long time (up to an hour or even more) before the effect kicks in at all.

However, you need to be careful to ensure you don’t get lost in the deliciousness of the food and lose track of the dosage. While smoking, it is easier for you to control how much intake you need to achieve the effect you want because of the quick feedback, you don’t get that immediate feedback with edibles.

Edible dosing charts are a must-have resource to have when exploring edibles. The charts help you figure out how much of the edibles you should take based on your weight, tolerance, and needs.

Topicals: Targeted Relief

Besides rolling joints and edibles, cannabis can be applied in a more precise fashion in the form of topicals.

Cannabis topicals are infused into creams, lotions, and balms that can be applied directly to the skin. They are produced to bring out the anti-inflammatory function of cannabis and are becoming popular in balms for localized pain relief and inflammation reduction.

You can directly apply topicals to areas of your body that are currently experiencing pain for quick relief. They are recommended for managing conditions such as muscle soreness, joint pain, arthritis, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and sunburn.

Since topicals are well-measured in creams and balms and have little interaction with the bloodstream, they don’t produce ‘highs’ or any of the signature psychoactive effects of cannabis. That makes them the best option for people seeking pain relief. The precision of cannabis topicals has made them a hit in Colorado dispensaries.

Pre-Rolls: Ready-to-Go Convenience

Pre-rolls are ready-to-go cannabis rolls in the form of cigarettes that only need to light up. Unlike the tobacco industry, where cigarettes are the primary consumer product of the plant, cannabis is often sold directly in the form of flowers.

Consumers can then crush and use the flowers in the consistency they prefer before rolling them into sticks. Often, you will find consumers with hardware like grinders and rollers to process the raw flowers.

Pre-rolls help you skip all that work and just get you the cannabis sticks filled with ground flowers and often a filter. They are a convenient option if you want to smoke without having to deal with the sport of rolling a joint.


Tinctures allow for very rapid absorption of cannabis into the bloodstream. They are widely used for medical purposes to manage symptoms.

But what are tinctures? They are highly concentrated cannabis extracts produced by soaking cannabis flowers or concentrates in solvents like alcohol or glycerin.

The resulting extract can then be taken orally using a dropper.

Concentrates: Potent and Versatile

Cannabis concentrates, such as live resin, wax, and shatter, are highly concentrated and potent extracts of cannabis that have high concentrations of active compounds, cannabinoids, and terpenes.

Concentrates are then used through vaporizer rigs through dabbing or vaporizing. Concentrates are incredibly potent and create intense effects. Many people choose them for these effects but they have to be handled with care if you are not familiar with them. That includes knowing the potency of the concentrates you pick up and measuring them carefully to avoid taking them in dosages that are too high.

Concentrates are the preferred form of cannabis for most refined applications of weed. Therefore, you will find concentrates in the making of tinctures, oils, and topical weed.

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