What You Need to Know Before You Buy Pre Rolls

The cannabis culture has always had very clear and dear traditions. And the ritual of rolling up a joint is at the very heart of this culture. Some would even say there is a kind of ‘zen’ to rolling up your own joints.

However, when you don't have the leisure to pull out the rollers or grind your flowers, you can turn to prerolls. Like tobacco cigarettes, ready-to-smoke pre roll weed cigarettes are a convenience that many joint smokers have come to appreciate — especially when you have an active and demanding lifestyle.

This article will get you up to speed on everything you need to know about pre rolls, including how to handle them as well as their in the overall cannabis culture.

What is a Pre Roll??

Cigars and cigarettes are well-recognized as specific products. But if tobacco can be packaged as such a fine, consumable, and finished product, why can't we do the same with joints?

Pre rolls are ready-to-consume sticks filled with ground marijuana flowers. The word means just what it sounds like however lacking in creativity it is. They are also called pre rolled joints or pre roll blunts. Again, and just so you are clear, pre rolls are 'pre rolled' sticks of marijuana that you only need to light up to enjoy.

These days, you can use cannabis in very discrete and convenient forms in vapes using a vaporizer, cartridge, edibles, tinctures, and similarly discreet cannabis products. When the situation calls for a more precise application, you can get your THC and CBD as topicals, but nothing beats the classic rolled joint. And with pre rolls, you don't have to deal with the rigor of rolling your own joints.

The beauty of pre rolls does not just end with their convenience, the sheer variety available makes it easy to find any form you are familiar with. You will find them available as sleek and classic pre roll joints to preroll fat blunts — no one is left out.

What is an Infused Pre Roll?

An infused pre roll is just a pre roll that had concentrates added to it before it was rolled. Infused pre rolls are common because concentrates increase the potency and the high of a pre rolled joint. You also get to experience deeper and more cut-out flavors compared to a roll filled with only ground cannabis flowers.

Pre Roll vs. Joint: What are the differences?

We are really zooming in on the cannabis vocabulary here. While no one would scoff at you if you mistake a pre roll for a joint, the difference between the two can have a significant impact on your marijuana experience.

So how is a pre roll different from a joint? A pre roll comes wrapped in a rolling paper, ready for you to devour, while a joint is rolled by hand. That is you have to put in the work to roll a joint and often, you can have several quirks of the one rolling the joint.

On the other hand, you can usually depend on the consistency of the style and rolling technique of pre rolls, especially when you get it from a reputable dispensary.

Despite the work you have to do in grinding and rolling a joint, you get to retain your creative liberties. For example, you can use however much volume of weed you prefer in each stick. Or use your preferred rolling paper.

Plus, you develop your rolling skills and might even get to show them off as you roll your joints. The liberties rolling your joint affords means that the tradition of rolling joints will probably stay around for a while.

How are Pre Rolls Made?

Just as you cannot make an omelet without a few eggs, making pre rolls starts with cannabis flowers. The selected blend of marijuana flowers is ground into much smaller pieces. Sometimes concentrates are added to the ground flower to increase the potency of the blend.

The rolling papers are next when the blend is ready. Most dispensaries and retailers often have their specialized machines ready to pack the cannabis mixture into the rolling papers or cones. The machinery involved allows the retailer to create an even spread, consistent volume, and smoking experience.

Besides convenience, the fact that you can rely on pre rolls to be consistent in potency and experience is another reason their popularity keeps skyrocketing.

How to Smoke a Pre roll

Smoking a pre roll is really no different from lighting up any other joint. If you are that new, you just need to find one of the ends of the cannabis stick (hint, the fatter end with twists if it's there) and fire it up with a lighter or matchstick if it's easier to reach.

Start slowly by taking small, controlled puffs. Inhale deeply to take in as much of the flavor and cannabinoids as possible. You can adjust your pace from there, depending on how much you've gotten the hang of it. But it's important not to rush. Not only does taking things slow allow you to immerse yourself in the experience as much as possible, taking breaks also helps you avoid taking more than you can handle.

Do Pre Rolls Smell?


Unfortunately, it's not great news, if your olfactory system is the sole reason you're considering pre rolls. However, while pre rolls do have a smell, it's far from the pungent smell of fresh joints. So while pre rolls still have the smell of ground cannabis flower about them, that lets anyone in the know recognize that it is a joint, they are still more discreet than a freshly rolled joint.

How Long Does a pre roll Last

Pre rolls will usually last almost as long as well-kept cannabis flowers. Often for several months to a year and even a few years. After more than a couple of months, the amount of THC and CBD in the pre roll starts to decline. So while your puff might still pack enough heat after a year, the potency isn't comparable to when it's fresh off the rack.

But the word to pay attention to here is "well-kept". Pre rolls should be kept in an airtight container to protect them from moisture in the air and other elements. You should also keep it away from the sun or damp areas. However, storing your rolled weed pre roll carelessly lets it age as poorly as a badly rolled joint.

Where can you buy pre rolls in Colorado?

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