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What is Rick Simpson Oil


Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, is a high-THC full-spectrum cannabis extract developed by Rick Simpson. He claims to have treated his basal cell carcinoma with RSO, and swiftly spread the word as gospel.

RSO is often crafted using indica strains. It can be ingested, taken sublingually, or absorbed topically. Rick Simpson personally opted for the topical route.

RSO is incredibly potent and should be used with extreme caution. It typically comes in a syringe to help you accurately dose your RSO.

RSO receives a lot of hype, and people make a lot of claims about what it has the power to achieve. But what are the facts?

Let’s dive deeper into the world of RSO and get some answers!

Does RSO have CBD?

RSO has very little CBD because its primary focus is to maximize THC levels.

The amount of CBD- although always slim- can vary between products because it’s different from strain to strain.

No matter what, there won’t be much CBD to be found.

CBD is a cannabinoid in hemp and cannabis that has been thrown into the spotlight these past few years, especially within health spheres.

CBD can be found in gummies, salves, and tinctures. You can also smoke strains that have a high CBD percentage.

What are the uses of RSO?

There are endless anecdotal claims that talk about how RSO has been able to help battle cancer, epilepsy, MS, and more.

That being said, there is little to no scientific research on the subject. This is largely due to strict cannabis laws that have hindered researchers’ abilities to develop studies.

This paper encourages investigating cannabinoids further for their potential cancer-fighting properties. Although a promising conclusion, the paper itself only claims potential.

One of the largest political pushes for cannabis has been to allow for more well-funded research.

Even putting the large claims associated with RSO aside, medical cannabis is severely lacking in research for even some of the more normalized conditions like PTSD. This paper declares the need for further study of the relationship between cannabis and PTSD treatment.

Let’s look at it another way- you can find thousands upon thousands of testimonials online singing the praises of medical cannabis. But the studies simply haven’t had time to catch up because of cannabis’ legal status.

While some people use RSO to self medicate, it is always of the utmost importance to work alongside a doctor when using cannabis medicinally so you have expert advice and guidance on products, dosage, and more.

How to use an RSO syringe

Let the syringe warm up before using it if you had it in the fridge. You can do so by placing the syringe in a bowl of warm water.

Then you can dispense the RSO on food, put it in a drink, put it under the tongue, or swallow it directly. RSO is incredibly sticky and tastes very strong. The latter is part of the draw towards its final kind of use- topical.

Be very careful when dosing RSO. More on that next!

RSO dosage chart

The starting dosage for RSO is as small as half a grain of dry rice. Slowly increase your dose depending on tolerance.

Considering how tiny the starting dose is, you can imagine that it may be easy to accidentally overdo it. And you’d be right! This stuff is strong and needs to be treated as such.

Always start with a small amount, because you can take more if you need to- but you can’t take less if you take too much.

It’s common to consume RSO oil once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening- three times a day, every eight hours.

How long does RSO last?

There are lots of different factors affecting how long RSO lasts in your system.

The first factor is dosage. Higher doses may take a longer time to clear out of your system. The more regularly you use RSO, the longer it will last in your system. Likewise, your individual metabolism will make a difference in how long RSO lasts.

THC can be found in saliva samples up to 24 hours after consumption, but hair and urine samples can detect THC for up to 3 months.

The effects themselves of RSO can last for multiple hours, and then take even longer to fully wear off.

If you’re trying to speed up getting RSO out of your system, drink a lot of water, eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep. Basically, the better care you take of yourself, the easier time your body will have of metabolizing the residual THC.

What is the proper way to store RSO?

It’s vital to store RSO the proper way if you want to maintain its distinguishing potency. If the RSO gets exposed to air, heat, light, or moisture- the oil can degrade and reduce in efficacy.

Even worse, storing RSO incorrectly can cause bacteria and mold to grow.

First, you need to get a good container. It needs to be moisture-controlled and airtight. Glass is great because it also doesn’t leach.

Pre-packaged syringes are another good way to store RSO so that it can be dosed precisely.

It’s important to put your RSO in the fridge- or at the very least, in a cool dark place. The goal is to protect the oil from heat and light.

Sometimes, RSO oil can solidify in the fridge. You can place the container of RSO in warm water for a bit in order gently warm it back up and prepare for consumption.

Where to find RSO?

If you’re looking for RSO, you’re in luck!

Here at The Health Center, we have RSO at our two Denver locations, our Boulder location, and online.

Swing by and chat with our lovely staff! They’re happy to answer any questions you may have, and we’d love to match you with the perfect product.

But no worries if you can’t make it in person. We’re just a click away!

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