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What is a spliff?


Spliff, blunt, joint…the options never end! But do you know the exact difference between the three?

Simply put, a spliff is a combination of cannabis and tobacco wrapped in rolling papers. Spliffs differ from blunts and joints because they’re not just cannabis and they’re not wrapped in tobacco wraps.

Don’t worry, we’re here to explain it all!

Are spliffs legal?

There are many states and territories in which spliffs are legal. This typically translates to a legal, controlled cannabis market to ensure safe sourcing.

Some states where spliffs are legal include Alaska, Colorado, Maine, New Jersey, New York, and many more.

Then there are also states that have decriminalized certain cannabis possesion offenses. This means there aren’t arrests, prison time, or criminal records for certain offenses. It’s the equivalent of getting a minor traffic violation.

In addition to states like Rhode Island and Ohio decriminalizing cannabis, there are also over 100 localities in 12 states that have decriminalized cannabis within municipals.

Expungement laws have certain cannabis convictions expunged. Some states with expungement laws include Hawaii and Michigan.

Spliff vs joint

Spliffs are joints that also include tobacco.

Spliffs are often enjoyed by people who also smoke cigarettes, or are using spliffs as an alternative to cigarettes.

Spliffs tend to taste and smell like cigarettes more than a plain joint would.

Spliff vs blunt

Spliffs and blunts are opposites in some senses.

Spliffs use rolling papers, but blunts use tobacco wrap. Spliffs contain cannabis and tobacco, but blunts usually only contain cannabis. Spliffs are usually larger than blunts and therefore last longer.

Thick papers are known to burn more slowly than thinner papers, but you taste the paper more when it’s thick. That being said, some people want to enjoy the flavor of the cannabis and/or tobacco and shop accordingly.

What do you need to roll a spliff?

To roll a spliff you need 1 ½ inch wide rolling papers, kings, or cones- which tend to be bigger than joints due to the tobacco.

How much weed in a spliff?

It’s common to put .2g of weed in a spliff plus tobacco.

How long does one spliff stay in your system?

THC can be found in blood or saliva for 2-24 hours. Meanwhile, urine and hair samples can detect cannabis up to 90 days after your last spliff.

Some places of work test for cannabis usage, even in states where cannabis is legal. It’s important to know whether or not your field commonly tests for cannabis or not.

Easy steps to roll a spliff

Here’s how to roll a spliff!

  1. Grind your cannabis and collect your tobacco.
  2. Add a filter to your rolling paper.
  3. Fill your rolling paper with a mix of cannabis and tobacco.
  4. Roll the spliff back and forth between the tips of your fingers.
  5. Seal the spliff.
  6. Pack the spliff and twist the end.
  7. You’re all set!

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