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The Health Center Rolls Out Partnership with CDOT to Reduce Marijuana-Impaired Driving

The Health Center is proud to be a part of the community(ies) we serve – we’ve built a tight-knit and welcoming group of clients, fans and influencers that we consider to be our family. Safety is a big part of our commitment to our community and our industry, which is why we’re partnering with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to help educate and protect our consumers when it comes to driving high.


We believe it’s our responsibility to keep you happy, informed and safe (and, of course, out of jail). Not only that, but eyes are on Colorado as we blaze a new trail with the legalization of recreational marijuana, and we’re determined to set a positive example of the many social and economic benefits of cannabis to ensure the long-term viability of our industry. Through our partnership with CDOT and its Drive High, Get a DUI campaign, we’ll be focusing on education and outreach to increase awareness about the dangers and consequences of driving high.


If you didn’t already know, it’s illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis, and you can get a DUI, just like with alcohol. Last year, more than 17 percent of Colorado’s DUI arrests involved marijuana. Even if you have a prescription and use cannabis medicinally, the law and limits apply and can come with some pretty serious consequences – like jail time and loads of money.


We’ve heard from patrons who say, “I’m a better driver when I’m high,” so we think it’s important to point out the impacts marijuana has on you. Whether you eat, smoke, vape or dab, science confirms that consuming cannabis affects your reaction time, peripheral vision, and perception of time, distance and speed – some of the more critical skills needed to drive safely. When you’re high, it’s harder to respond quickly when something unexpected happens while driving – like if the car in front of you makes a sudden stop or a pedestrian steps out in front of you.


Working with our partners, our customers and the community, we hope to not only keep you safe, but also try to change the way people think about marijuana-impaired driving. If you’re going out drinking, it’s a no-brainer (we hope) that you’ll call a sober ride if you’ve had a few drinks. But there isn’t yet that same thought process when people know they’re going to be getting high. We encourage you to take advantage of Denver’s connectivity and plan ahead by using services like Lyft, Uber and public transportation when you’re high. CDOT has partnered with Lyft to offer free or discounted rides (up to $10) through 4/20. Visit to learn more and get discount codes. Look for information in our stores, online and on social media as part of our partnership with CDOT, and thank you for consuming responsibly.

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