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7 Ways on How To Use THC Tincture


THC tincture often comes in 1 fl oz bottles, which have a dropper as a cap for dosing. Tinctures don’t have to follow the 100mg THC limit that edibles run into in some states.

Tinctures are great because you have complete control over your dose, and can get even more precise than you’re able to with edibles. THC tinctures are the best way to accurately dose how much THC you’re consuming- and to figure out how much you want to consume!

But it doesn’t stop there. Tinctures are incredibly versatile and can be consumed many different ways. No matter your tastes and preferences, there’s bound to be a way that you would enjoy using THC tincture.

So let’s learn about all the different ways to use THC tincture! Throughout this article, there will also be facts about THC tincture interspersed so that you learn as much about the subject as possible.

Under the Tongue

THC tincture that is designed to be used under the tongue is known as sublingual cannabis.

Sublingual cannabis doesn’t increase your tolerance as quickly as other consumption methods do. Sublingual cannabis is very potent and doesn’t require a high dose.

One of the main draws of sublingual cannabis is how quickly it’s absorbed. Your mouth contains a mucous membrane that is easy to penetrate, so the THC is absorbed very quickly.

Generally speaking, THC tincture under the tongue usually produces effects within 10-15 minutes. Leave the tincture under your tongue for half a minute before you swallow.

Sublingual consumption is not unique to THC tincture. Some medicine only comes in sublingual tablets, which patients have to hold under their tongues until the tablets melt.

Some people have no problem with sublingual consumption, but others have a really hard time holding something under their tongue for that long. If it’s more stress than it’s worth, don’t worry- you have plenty of other options!

Swallowing Directly

THC tinctures can also be swallowed directly instead of taken sublingually. This will take longer for your body to process.

THC tinctures are developed by soaking cannabis biomass in a liquid- like glycerin, oil, or alcohol- and then straining the cannabis out after it’s steeped for days.

If you want to be exact, tinctures are alcohol-based and infusions are oil- or glycerin-based.

THC tinctures are one of the safest ways to consume cannabis- assuming the tincture itself is of high quality.

Check for third-party lab test results on the website before buying a THC tincture. It’s important to know that your tincture has been tested for imperfections and impurities- and that it contains the amount of THC that it’s reporting.

Added to Drinks

THC tinctures are perfect in tea or a smoothie! THC tinctures are a great way to mix THC into a drink.

Whether you’re an avid lover of fun drinks, enjoy tea every evening, or have coffee all day, every day- there’s almost definitely a drink you can incorporate your THC tincture into.

And if not, let this be an invitation! Make a smoothie or get your favorite childhood iced tea. It’ll be worth it.

THC tinctures are absorbed directly through the bloodstream and don’t need to be processed by the liver or stomach.

That being said, drinking a tincture instead of letting it sit on your tongue will take longer to set in than if you consume it sublingually.

As an aside, using a tincture in cooking is risky because exposing the cannabinoids to high heat can burn away the THC. But if you instead add the tincture as a dressing/sauce- so it’s not heated up- that’s the best way to go.

Topical Application

Cannabis topicals get absorbed through your skin.

The topical can be placed strategically to target desired areas of the body. The topical will interact with your skin’s receptors in that area.

A great way to make topicals at home is to mix THC tincture with a little bit of lotion. This way you don’t have to get a special separate product for topical application.

Homemade topicals can also turn into a fun little project. You can go shopping for yummy-smelling lotion to save for topicals only if you really want to enjoy yourself!

Topicals are not limited to THC. CBD and menthol topicals are very popular, and there are even topical pain killers that would normally come in pill form.

Some people are very selective about what kind of soap they use exactly because topicals are so powerful. The skin is our largest organ, and it’s really good at absorbing things- so it’s not a bad idea to be careful about what we put on it!

Through Vaporization

You can NOT vape THC tincture. If you’re refilling a cart, you need THC distillate.

Tinctures are not designed to be vaped. Tinctures include a carrier oil in order to increase cannabinoid bioavailability. These carrier oils have low smoke points and will become carcinogenic when vaped.

Tinctures also sometimes include flavors- something you definitely don’t want to be vaping.

If you are buying THC distillate, make sure it’s third-party lab tested. The results should be easy to find on the website- good test results are something to be proud of!

It’s very important to get carts and distillate through regulated markets and from reputable brands because there’s no way to know what kind of fillers or toxins may be in the product. Or how much THC, for that matter.

As a Base for Other Cannabinoid Products

THC tincture is great to mix with other tinctures in order to create the ultimate, personalized cannabinoid tincture.

For example, you may really want to start incorporating CBG into your cannabis routine but don’t know where to start. Add it to your THC tincture!

Likewise, you can be strategic about mixing THC and CBD tinctures to reach your desired ratio. For example, some people enjoy a 2:1 CBD:THC ratio for their products.

Mixing THC tincture with other cannabinoid products gives you the freedom to create the tincture of your dreams!

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